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Sephora Direct Investing in Social Media Video and Mobile Case Solution

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Julie Bornstein, senior v . p . of Sephora Direct, must double her arrange for social media together with other online marketing initiatives for 2011. Numerous digital efforts implemented formerly couple of years seem to become bearing fruit, and there is a desire to accentuate Sephora's social media, online video, and mobile presence. Bornstein must justify the requirement of the additional funding, work out how easier to allocate the money within the various platforms, and establish efficient ways to measure return on investment (Roi) for online marketing investing . They have to also think about the funding requested will most likely come at the cost of Sephora's traditional marketing programs. Importantly, Bornstein must begin thinking about an all natural extended-term strategy that clearly identifies the part digital platforms play and the way guide Sephora maintain its leadership position inside the prestige beauty care space. The ceaseless emergence of latest players, for instance Groupon and Shop Socially, the growing energy of social media platforms for instance Facebook, and how consumer behavior and user created content are rapidly altering in the digital era, make her task much more challenging.

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