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Novo Nordisk Managing Sustainability at Home and Abroad Case Solution


Top Ranked CASE - Corporate Social Responsibility Award, 2012 European Foundation for Management Development (EFMD) Case Writing Competition. This case study handles the options and challenges suffered by Danish pharmaceutical company Novo Nordisk regarding its sustainability approach in China by 2012. Novo Nordisk known for striving to integrate its business activities in the financially, eco, and socially responsible way, and a lot of Novo Nordisk employees happily reference Novo Nordisk just like a “triple primary point here (TBL) company.” Novo Nordisk remains active in China more than fifty years however, since the Chinese economy has extended greatly, this increase in wealth together with a far more sedentary Western lifestyle have introduced to growing difficulties with being overweight. Consequently, China’s bloodstream blood insulin companies are thriving. Novo Nordisk therefore faces new challenges concerning the easiest method to arrange its TBL program with techniques that guarantees a comprehensive approach with the organization, yet allows Novo Nordisk China to think about initiatives that fit china business context. Additionally, with ever-growing competition to be used of China’s lucrative bloodstream blood insulin market, Novo Nordisk’s rivals may also be taking part in sustainability, meaning Novo Nordisk must keep finding to stay out, and really should use sustainability just like a way to obtain competitive advantage.

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