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Coastal Ventures Limited Partnership Balancing a Sustainable Investment Strategy with a Social Mission Case Solution


Nat Henshaw, leader of CEI Ventures Corporation. (CVI) a subsidiary in the nonprofit Coastal Companies Corporation. (CEI), was associated with a balancing act. He will be a manager from the for-profit investment capital fund, Coastal Ventures Limited Partnership (CVLP), getting a social mission that valued good-quality jobs, worker possession, together with an issue for your atmosphere. Henshaw and also the board of company company directors were also with the next investment capital fund, they preferred to possess in place after they began to wind lower the investment activity from the present fund. Did they have the very best balance between profit and social mission? Could they invest the relaxation from the 60% of CVLP's funds over the following couple of years in a way that struck the very best balance? And did there's a sufficient history to draw investment in to a new fund? A lot of students will probably be unfamiliar using this kind of institution as well as the case provides sufficient particulars round the institutional structure from the community development investment capital fund and how it really works for everybody as presenting this subject. It demonstrates the strategies by which both institutionally and operationally the fund is built to promote both lucrative possibilities together with a social mission. Nevertheless, the fund faces considerable problems to keep this balance. The case will then be the platform for just about any discussion of the strength of this type of institution in marketing community economic development. More generally, this case might be accustomed to train students in regards to the "double bottom-line," in which the finish outcome is from the business the subsidiary from the nonprofit institution, which setup the organization to start with incorporated in the efforts to fulfill its mission. Such plans have grown to be more widespread in the USA nonprofit sector and so they raise issues in regards to the authenticity of for-profit subsidiaries as well as the clouding in the line involving the for-profit and nonprofit world. HKS Case Number 1669.

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