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Cadim China and India Real Estate Deals Case Solution


The Three deals presented to Cadim involve reliable companies getting an established good reputation for great achievements on the market. Therefore, it's tough to differentiate involving the three offers using the assessment in the partners. Cadim has formerly labored with Atlantis and contains stood a particularly good experience. However, the main difference lies involving the management styles. Foereau does not have a U . s . States style management practices. Apart from these minor versions, the three publication rack similar. They have significant market shares and so are reliable. Also, the three companies have sufficient local experience and connections. They are in the making choices government physiques within the u . s . states. The projects offered align the financial interest of the partners. Lastly, the three partners can easily provide a regular flow of projects inside their particular zones.

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For three deals Atlantis, Foereau, Strongland

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