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Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand

Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand case analysis

Altius Golf might be the apparent leader inside the basketball market despite a extended term lack of the quantity of golfers together with an end by sales carrying out a financial crisis. The firm has maintained its position by showing decades of advanced super premium baseballs that enable their customers to emulate professional golfers. The business remains losing business to lessen listed rivals as well as the CEO desires to introduce a completely new program referred to as Elevate to advertise generation x of golfers. With Elevate the firm will introduce a ball that s more forgiving and much easier to operate a vehicle for distance and supply it inside a cost 40% beneath the company s flagship brand. Elevate will probably be available through off course channels for instance golf niche stores and enormous box retailers instead of on course professional shops where the firm typically sells its products. The board of company company directors is split on if you should provide the decision. Students must perform quantitative research in to the CEO s proposal to understand the risks and gains just before making one last recommendation.

Market segmentation, Quantitative analysis, Pricing strategy, Competitive strategy, Brands, Product lines, Altius Golf and the Fighter Brand case solution
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